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Don’t Do This When Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica

Mar 15, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica
The internet is full of great information, but also not-so-great information too. If you’ve ever searched for carpet cleaning tips and found yourself questioning the advice, you’re not alone. Our professional carpet cleaners in Santa Monica frequently help homeowners who ask about methods they’ve read about online or, worse yet, reach out after realizing they’ve damaged their carpet due to internet tips. We want to prevent this from happening to you, so our carpet cleaning experts are here to debunk some of the bad carpet care advice we’ve encountered.

Using salt to brighten carpets.

We’ve heard about using salt to brighten carpets, but it doesn’t work. Salt alone won’t clean anything. And your vacuum won’t get rid of all the salt, leaving all the grit behind that can damage your carpets over time.

Instead of relying on salt, just use professional carpet cleaners if your carpets look dull or have noticeable traffic lanes. Professionals can restore your carpets’ original color and beauty using better methods.

Steaming your carpet with a clothes steamer or steam mop.

You might think about saving money by using your clothes steamer or steam mop to clean your carpets, but this is a bad idea. These household machines aren’t made for carpet cleaning. Plus, steam cleaning isn’t even the best way to deep clean carpets.

At Delta Chem-Dry, we’ve come up with a better method called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) to make your carpets cleaner. Unlike steam cleaning, our techniques won’t leave your carpets soaking wet or risk heating them to high temperatures, which can happen when using any type of steamer on your carpet.

Scrubbing carpet with a scrub brush.

When you need to clean something, scrubbing seems like the solution, right? Well, not when it comes to carpets. Carpets are made of delicate fibers that can be damaged by scrubbing, affecting their texture, color, and lifespan. Plus, scrubbing a stain often just spreads it around instead of removing it.

That’s why it’s better to tackle spots and stains on a molecular level. Our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) and specialty stain removal services do just that, ensuring effective and gentle cleaning without the risk of damaging your carpets.

Applying vinegar to carpet.

While vinegar is often hailed as a natural cleaning agent, it’s not the ultimate solution for deep carpet cleaning. Before you decide to pour vinegar on your carpets, take a moment to consider how you’ll deal with the strong smell it leaves behind. Many homeowners end up calling Delta Chem-Dry for professional help after a DIY attempt with vinegar goes wrong.

But the unpleasant odor isn’t the only issue with using vinegar on carpets. Its acidic properties can also cause problems for your carpet’s color and texture, potentially leading to fading and stiffness over time.

Choose Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning

With our deep carpet cleaning services, you can restore your carpet’s beauty without risking damage. Our HCE process effectively lifts embedded soil from deep within carpets and removes it effortlessly. Unlike steam cleaning, our process uses minimal water and avoids soapy detergents, so your carpets won’t stay wet for days or have a sticky residue.

By choosing professional carpet cleaners in Santa Monica, you’ll be back to your normal routine in just a few hours, without the unpleasant odors often associated with DIY methods. Your carpets will look and smell fresh and clean, and you’ll also be protecting their longevity and promoting a healthier home.

Get started with a deep carpet cleaning process that you can trust! Call Delta Chem-Dry at (818) 651-0707 today to schedule your Santa Monica carpet cleaning.

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